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The Alfons Mobile Power Station Successfully Demonstrates Military Applications of Renewable Energy at NATO Days

The energy self-sufficient Alfons Mobile Energy Container made its successful Czech debut at NATO Days and Czech Air Force Days in Ostrava as the event’s official energy partner. Three mobile Alfons units, equipped with collapsible solar panels, collapsible wind turbines, batteries, and back-up diesel generators, were on hand to produce electricity.

At NATO Days these units helped power the field hospital, Czech Air Force flight simulator demonstrations, and other essential parts of one of the largest security events in Europe. During NATO Days the Alfons Mobile Energy Container was officially christened by Brigadier General Libor Štefánik, Commander of the Czech Air Force (see the photographs attached to this press release—we can gladly provide other print-quality photos as well).


Container Alfons present
Container Alfons present
Container Alfons present


“At NATO Days we successfully tested two versions of the Alfons Mobile Energy Container, fitted with renewable technologies of differing output. It is basically a modular system that we can modify for specific uses. The Alfons mobile power station is not only suitable for military operations; it can also be used for disaster relief. It can power field hospitals or evacuation shelters. The Alfons Container is capable of generating electricity anywhere off the power grid, reducing the need for diesel in the process,” stated Pavel Patřičný, the main coordinator of the Alfons Mobile Energy Container project.

Details about the Alfons Mobile Energy Container project

The Alfons mobile power station utilizes a collapsible solar energy system and wind turbine to generate electricity. Solar and wind energy is stored in a battery, which ensures a steady supply of electricity to where it is needed. These renewable energy sources are backed up by a diesel generator, and are connected together by an intelligent supply and demand control system, which prevents power outages.

The Alfons mobile power station can be used in the following situations:

  • Integrated Rescue System operations, where it can provide energy to rescue units, such as mobile command centers or first aid stations,
  • humanitarian operations in areas affected by natural disasters that have disrupted the power grid,
  • military operations, where the Alfons Container’s use of renewable energy will reduce the need for diesel, thus minimizing the risks associated with transporting materials,
  • as a source of energy for communities in remote areas or for off-grid industrial operations.

“The Alfons mobile power station has been designed so that it can easily be installed and provide energy to military or humanitarian missions as soon as it arrives on site. Our goal is to create a system that requires minimal manpower, is simple to maintain, and can handle operating conditions anywhere in the world,” added Patřičný.

Technical specifications of the basic model:

  • collapsible 5.2 kW or 9.2 kW solar energy system comprised of highly efficient PV modules
  • 5 kW collapsible wind turbine, 4.5 meters in height
  • a battery with a maximum output of 80 kWh
  • 11.2 kW diesel generator
  • everything is situated inside an air-conditioned, sound-proof, insulated ISO 1C shipping container that meets Czech standard ČSN ISO 1496-1 (with a CSC plate)

A demo video of just how this mobile station works can be viewed here: For more information about the Alfons Mobile Energy Container, see

Five Czech companies began developing the Alfons mobile power station in late 2014. Already in June 2015 it was presented at the prestigious International Defense and Security Expo held in Israel. Now, it has just had its Czech debut at NATO Days.

The Alfons Mobile Energy Container project is also supported by the Alliance for Energy Self-Sufficiency and the Czech Photovoltaic Industry Association.